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General Uniform

Daily attire for male students is a white collared shirt, dark slacks,and a neck tie. Daily attire for female students is  dark colored skirt/dress, or pants, white, black or navy blue blouse/ top. Proper footwear for all students can be all black or brown dress shoes. Sneakers can be worn if they are “ALL BLACK” to include any writing, designs or logos to include soles. Males: Shirts must be tucked in and neckties are worn neatly, no earrings or headgear permitted. Females: Skirts should be long enough to meet the knee when sitting. No strapless tops, halter tops, or spaghetti strap tops allowed. No sandals, flip-flops, open-toe shoes, or crocs. Pants must be properly secured on your waist.

Female earrings should not be larger than a quarter size, for safety reasons no other body piercings should be visible male or female.

Long necklaces should be secured inside your shirt, two rings, one bracelet, and one watch are permitted.
Students must practice good hygiene, be neat in appearance and dress, hair and beards must be neatly trimmed, no strong perfumes or fragrances should be worn that could become disruptive.

Barber jackets must be clean and worn as a top garment zipped or buttoned up neatly at all times while clocked in.

For clarification on dress code please ask Instructor. Any student not dressed accordingly will be asked to leave and correct dress.

Beginner 0-900
Dark colored slacks, and white barber jacket.

Intermediate 900-1214
Dark colored slacks, and blue barber jacket.

Advanced Students 1214-1528
Dark colored slacks, and black barber jacket.