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Facilities and Program instructions

All Southeastern Barber College students are instructed to conduct themselfs according to guidlines and policies that were issued upon thier enrollment completion. 
During educational hours, No student is permitted to be in the common area or offsite. Students must be present with instructor during educational hours. 



There is ample parking for our students that will not conflict with other businesses. 

SEBC Classrooms

Southeastern Barber College classroom setting provides the latest in technology. We also utilize traditional teaching tools for individuals that struggle with the modern methods of education. Here are just a few things we offer our students. 

  • Visual learning, animated multimedia lessons
  • Quick and immersive learning
  • One on one engagement
  • Progressive improvement in core student learning
  • High Overall School performance
  • Student assessment and evaluation


Clinical Floor 

Our clinical floor provides all the necessary tools for our students to successfully execute various haircutting and styling procedures. 


Building Common Areas

Southeastern Barber College is welcome to use the common area bathrooms.  Loitering is not permitted.